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Health care cost is the second largest expense after payroll for employers.

Preventive Healthcare holds enormous promise for the competitiveness of the Indian companies, and for the country’s economy in the global arena. In an era when the service sector is gaining pre-eminence the value of the individual employee has increased more than ever before.Employees with specialized skills are the focal point on whose well being and performance the productivity of the company rests. In a highly competitive corporate environment companies cannot afford absence of their employees due to sickness, caused by sedentary lifestyle etc, or poor performance at the workplace due to poor health. Its observed that a number of corporates, in India and abroad, are offering preventive healthcare facilities to their employees both as part of their CSR and to boost their profits.

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Total Health Analysis

WYE with Standard reporting helps you track progress and understand your company’s health risks.
In depth analysis of personal & professional life health… it should be personal & professional assessment data, lifestyle tracking, employee’s
diet data, and more to develop robust predictive modeling.

Personalize Dietician

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all as each person is unique with highly individualized nutritional and exercise requirements. Our nutritionists and fitness trainers will help you craft a healthy life that’s totally based on your needs and that can work with the realities of your lifestyle.

Wellness Initiatives

We help corporates to arrange week long wellness initiatives and encourage employees to gain healthy wellness habits and lose unhealthy habits as they participate in the initiatives. Our programs are conducted by certified health experts, dietitians, fitness trainers, yoga instructors etc

Self Defense Camp

Feel secure and learn how to avoid assault by being aware of your surroundings and identifying unusual situations and behavior. Basic innovative and fast learning technique.

In Depth Reporting

WYE analytical services and reports include daily health habits and medication-taking patterns that can help physicians to quickly identify the challenges associated with drug regimens.

Warm Up Session

With help of our experts strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness, improved joint function, reduced potential for injury.

Diagnostic Test And Analysis

Preventive test for employees and their loved ones at the convenience of being offered at doorstep. Collaborative reports and analysis. Full blood profile to entire body check up at the most reasonable price.

Reduces Stress & Fatigue

No medicine is better than laughter… Have a laughter session with your employees to break the monotonous work style.Targeting wellness with maximum employee engagement.

Corporate canvas – Creative aspect to stress Management

Heard of Picasso…want to become the next Da Vinci of your company…Ignite the artist in you….Learn about the art in our workshops for employees at your premises. Also giving you vital insights on Photography and Calligraphy etc…

Healthy culinary delights

“To eat is a necessity But to eat intelligently is an art “…… Introducing Master chef inspired cookery show for the corporates.. tasting classes..also sharing healthy recipes to all employees.

Predictive Health analysis

Medical tests are just the question posed on one’s health… Do you have the answer to all your health problems…. Providing relevant solutions to the corporate post their health checks …in the form of identifying the overall health quotient of your company, problem identification and solutions put forth to overcome the health related problems in corporates…

Biggest loser wins program

The biggest looser program is the challenge and experience you have been looking for to get motivated and change your overall level of fitness and quality of life. The program will challenge your level of fitness by competing with other teams and members of Corporate to be categorised as Corporate’s BIGGEST LOOSER.

Sound Meditation

sound Healing Workshop based on the vibratory benefits of the Tibetan singing bowls.

  • Experience a phenomenal shift within
  • Heal all dimensions of your life
  • Balance Mind, Body & Soul
  • Connect to the self within.

BIO-Metric test

We do help to create a database of your employees and map the parameters in your HR Portal Data regarding Pulse , Blood pressure Height weight Bmi are captured and provided with a thorough analysis

Healthy food

Healthy food forms a integral part of good life style regime
We do provide with Low calorie , High Protein food for your employees in Canteen or outside.
Visit Lemongreenfoods.com our sister concern

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We are a Health portal into Preventive Healthcare space  and our mission is to enable good health through smart technology. Through, WYE we help the corporate to evaluate the overall health quotient of the employees and help them to priorities the areas of health improvement with relevant solutions.For the ease and convenience of the corporate we are having alliances with doctors, dietitians, gyms, chemists and labs. Focusing on the consumer and at being one stop shop for all health needs.So, not just does WYE take care of the preventive healthcare solutions but also helps clients connect to curative care wherever required.